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hope you haven't given up on us yet! Do we have a rough E.T.A. for the update? Cheers.


I'm around halfway through the Prologue revision. I don't have a solid date but the objective right now is having it finished before the end of the month. Please keep being patient!

Thanks for the reply, good to hear your still working on it. And I will keep being patient, I enjoy the buildup.

Is this game still going?

The game is still going, just give the dev some more times, I suppose.


I just played through the prologue and chapter 1. The prologue I loved, however Ch 1?, not so much. I didn't understood how it correlated or fitted Nerus and Shax's story. It can't end like that, please tell me it doesn't end like that... Poor Nerus and Shax... So, when's the next update?

Chapter 1 should be another story branching outward, and will probably have some plotline that is related to Shax and Nerus's story down the road.



I love the Nerus story, when is the next update planned?


This visual novel is so incredibly jumpy but in such an incredibly intriguing way that leaves holes in what i believe is the best spots, leaving the reader wondering: "what the hell is coming next?" 
All in all, this is a joyride of  "wait where am i now" and is actually really fun to read

Wow! Just finished the first story and that was actually really amazing! I'm really curious where all the story will go after that and if it connects to the 2nd story and the future ones.

Also, let me know if you need an artist for this project! Would totally do it for free. c: That is if my art is good enough and you actually need an artist but I really do want to help with your project haha

Also, I'm amaze how I don't really recall any typos and grammar mistakes at all. I've played a handful of em. Some with patreons and stuff and they are littered with typos lol. Kudos for that.

Thank you a lot for the kind words. As for taking you as an artist for the project, do you have any social media account where I can find your work and so I can contact you in the future?

Hmm.. Is it alright if you can open your Twitter dm's and chat with you about that? I'm gonna be honest, if you take me as an artist in this, it will be my first NSFW related project. I'm still SUPER game with this. But if not, I might want to keep my current account SFW haha

It's open now. Feel free to message me whenever!

Do you make android version too?

They said it's planned, but it'll take some time.

Thank you :3

So uuuh, what's in the new version? Bug fixes?

Yes. Also, nice profile pic

Ah cool and thanks!

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Thx for ur hard work<3(You make my day XD)

I think I know who is "Nerus"  and who is "Shax" if my theory right  >w<

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For the first time in forever i finally found VN with good story, i did cry alot when the first story end. I like how you build up the character especially Nerus i really like him 
- I'm looking forward to see how it end ... and hopefully Nerus will get Shax back to his side .... 

Will this game be available on Android in the future updates?

the end of the first part was so heartbreaking that I cried (and it's usually hard for me to

Not going to lie, I almost passed over Nerus. I'm eternally grateful I didn't cause I've fallen in love with this VN, and it's barely even started. 

i want more

Seriously, when I first stumbled to this game I thought "Hey a VN, I'll try it because I don't have anything to do at the moment." and I did. Man that ending of the Nerus and Shax just left me dumbfounded (I just seriously just stared at the game for five minutes before I continued playing). This VN is one of a kind and I'll be looking forward to this! Good job!!!

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this VN is realy good a can't wait for update. Gj 

Very well done! Just out of curiosity, do you have an update schedule in mind for this? Im not even done yet (just finished the first story) and I can already tell I'm going to be craving more.


Unfortunately I can't give a concrete date for the next release. I want it to have a decent amount of content, so I'm aiming for two months at most, but it might take longer.

Okay, great! Also you should totally do a Patreon. This is really well done and lot of people might want to support your releases!

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From the first time Shax and Neros meet, you can already feel it. The preordained fact that they're going to bone, a train charging full speed towards you.

The breaks are broken, and there's nothing that can be done. It just keeps going faster and faster. You are tied to the rails, the only thing you see is the starry sky and the eerie sound of the train's horn, ever so close...

And you revel in it. You want to get run over, you willingly choose to remain on those rails. The ropes were never even tied to begin with. It fills you with excitement, the way the ground shakes making your heart almost burst.

Not simply a desire, it has become a craving, a need. You can all but taste it now. Any minute the train will arrive, and you'll be nothing but mush splattered all over the ground. Finally, sweet release.

Thank you!

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This game is just.... wow. Never been as hooked to both the world building and it's characters as this game's!

I'll be looking forward to what you get up to with these stories of yours in the future!

EDIT: I was actually frustrated with the story of Shax being interrupted right at that moment... hope everything's alright with the big guy (I know he won't be, but hey, hope's the last one to die).


Wheres Android build


I don't have plans for one at the moment. Might release one later down the road.


Will you be releasing an android version?


One of the most promising furry VNs  so far. Pretty impressive for a first build. I hope to see new updates soon! Also Nerus and Shax are really cute.


I’m loving it! I have some wild guesses on what had been going on in the first world. But I have no clue how Shax and Nerus’ souls would reappear in the second world. Can’t wait to see the next build.


this is a really good story I can't to see more of this  :) 

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What happen to Nerus and Shax at the end...will the stories continuous or it just end there?


You haven't seen the last of them yet!


Ohh! Such a magnificent and rich story, one can simply see the love and care that was put into its creation, truly impressive.

The plot and the characters left me with a feeling of utmost joy. I feel so invested! I just can't wait for the next update. 

Congratulations on your first release! The first of many more to come I hope! Best of luck!


i love it !? i wanted to see more !?


An amazing game, even more impressive knowing that this is only the first build. The characters are captivating in all ways: endearing designs, interesting (and mysterious!) backstories, and absolutely heartwarming interactions between them.

The plot maintains that same standard of quality by adding in juicy mysteries that kept me thinking long after I finished the game. It's one of those stories that keep crawling on your mind for a long while.

I can't wait to see where the story is headed!

Y-you too


This game made me cum so fucking hard, I lost my left nut