Nerus 0.2 release devlog

After two long months the second Nerus build is out. As you might have already noticed, the game’s cover got updated with some great art that nanoff, from the Minotaur Hotel team, was kind enough to draw for this project. Please make sure to check their game out if you haven’t already!

As to what’s new in build 0.2, there are around 12k words of new content in Chapter 1, covering Alessia’s and Bitey’s first day and night at Smed’s abbey. In addition to this, I added two new short scenes to the Prologue and made some minor edits all over the place. I wanted to get a bit more content than this done by now, but I hope you enjoy what there is regardless.

On the technical side, I decided to add a small drop shadow to the dialogue and narration to improve readability, specially on NVL-mode. I also added “chapter break” transitions, to mark the end of a segment and the start of the next more clearly. You might see them while replaying old content.

Lastly, after some feedback I decided to change some songs and do some very minor adjustments in sound design.

The next thing I want to address are the requests for an Android release of the game. I know porting Nerus to Android would be a relatively simple task and it would increase the amount of people playing the game. So I can say I will do it, eventually.

It will still take time, as not only I need to make sure the main game is readable, but I also might need to adjust the custom menus I created for it. The earliest estimate I can give for an Android release would be sometime in-between now and the 0.3 release, which you should expect in around other two months. This is not a promise, however, as soon I’ll be getting busier and might not find enough time to get a passable Android build before 0.3.

Lastly, I’d like to discuss the idea of opening a Patreon for the game. It really would help with getting a new artist (as the current art is all placeholders), for starters. But first I want to know what you think. Would you support it? What kind of rewards would you like to see? Do you think the Patreon should be one build ahead as most furry visual novels do? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

(To clarify, I might or might not open a Patreon. The idea right now is gauge interest and how you would like it to work, to see if it’s viable.)

All that said, I hope you guys have fun playing the new build, as usual any feedback is appreciated! Thank you for reading, catch you later. 

Edit: Just to let you guys know, I released a 0.2.1 build to address a lot of typos and a missing asset I forgot to put back in.


Nerus-0.2-linux.tar.bz2 110 MB
Feb 07, 2020 103 MB
Feb 07, 2020 120 MB
Feb 07, 2020

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Hmm, an intriguing idea for sure.

Regarding the rewards and all that jazz with the patreon, I'll present 2 ideas that I've seen out there:

- Have the game be 1 version ahead like you mentioned ( ala CoC2, TiTs, etc): This feels like a proper "reward" system for patrons, as it feels like you are subscribed to a still improving product instead of a unfinished project, but could potentially be unfair to the public audience if the amount of content added to one differs immensely from the other.


-Have it not be a version ahead and just use it for donation purposes: This one can be the most fair to both parties, as both patrons and non-patrons receive the same end product... but could potentially alienate (probably a strong word here, but you get the idea) some patrons in the future.

Either way, regardless of the pros and cons, you can do neither, either or both (have it be only for donations at first and then slowly accumulate content for an entire build, then release that same build for patrons at a later date) of them.

My Conclusion: To me, it doesn't really matter which way you'll do the monetization (be it Patreon or selling the game), as long as you keep making this lovely story better and better I'm not complaining.


Imo that would be awesome if you open a Patreon. I feel like you deserve support for your hard work. This vn is a master peace! I think the Patreon should be one build ahead imo. I can't think of any rewards I would like to see but I would definitely support you on Patreon.