0.3 progress update

Hello, long time no talk. I was expecting to have enough content to push a new build out by now, and while said content is technically done it doesn't have a satisfactory level of polish at the moment. The build is going to take at least a couple more weeks to come out, so at least I wanted to write a small devlog about what I've been doing and what's still left to be done.

Let's talk about the new content first: it will cover most of the second day at the abbey, during which we'll get a closer look into the lives of the abbey's staff and be introduced to a new ally. Overall this makes for 12k words of new content, a similar amount to last update.

Also, one of the reasons this build will take longer to come out is because I will give the Prologue a couple of rounds of editing. I've gotten a lot of feedback since the game's initial release and now I got a couple of ideas on how to improve and expand it. I think most people who were confused by it will be happy to know that certain things will be much clearer. But not all mysteries will be addressed yet, there are many questions that will be answered in Chapter 1 and later parts of the story.

I might edit the Chapter 1 content so far as well, although don't expect drastic changes there if I do.

Another thing I've been working on is UI improvement. I made slight updates to some menus, but the biggest change by far is the addition of shortcuts to the Backlog, Save and Load menus in the text box. These buttons will pop out when hovered and instantly take you to the desired menu when clicked. It took me a surprisingly high amount of time and effort to implement them.

Another big thing I noticed was that some people didn't notice the Extra menu appearing at the main screen after completing the Prologue, so I added a notice at the end of the Prologue informing the player new menus have been unlocked. And talking about Extras, the Glossary entries will receive a minor update as well. I suspect some of these changes might create problems, in case something break I added a button to clear all persistent data to the Config menu. Don't worry about clicking it by mistake, you will get asked if you are sure about doing this.

To clarify: what this button does is clear all persistent variables, things like your save files and seen text are left intact. After using it you can just skip back to where you were, or load if you are extra lazy (although you'll still need to go through the end of the Prologue to get the Chapter 1 main screen).

Last but not least: some of you who have been keeping tabs on the Twitter account might already know, but Nerus has a new artist and for the next build we're aiming to replace all existing sprites and give sprites to most characters that previously lacked them. Have a look at Sevos here:

About that Android build: it will definitely come out before 0.4, but after 0.3. After this update is done the next step will be making Android-friendly versions of the existing menus. Please wait patiently until then.

This is all I wanted to share. I'll come back to you in a few weeks with the finished build. Stay safe until then!


Nerus-0.2.1-mac.zip 103 MB
Feb 11, 2020
Nerus-0.2.1-pc.zip 121 MB
Feb 11, 2020
Nerus-0.2.1-linux.tar.bz2 110 MB
Feb 11, 2020

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This is exciting! The story is intriguing, it really keeps you interested. I love the writing and new sprites are a very nice addition.

Take your time ;)