About the 0.3 release date.

I hate to have to say this again, but the build will take a longer to come out. How much longer? I'm not sure. The problem right now isn't a lack of assets or that I don't know where to take the story, but I haven't been in a very good place, emotionally speaking, these last few months and it has impacted my productivity greatly. I know what I want the next build to have, but it's been hard to sit down and actually write it.

I've been trying to set deadlines for myself, but that hasn't yielded any results besides making me more anxious. There isn't that much left to be done, so hopefully I'll have better news soon enough, but I can't say with certainty when.

Thank you to all of you that have been waiting patiently for the next update. Even if it takes long I'm not going to throw the towel on this project, so don't worry about that. See you again later!

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We hope you get better,  we believe in you,  you've got this.


Take care. Stay strong and don't give up!


Take care of yourself first and foremost. We will wait for you 

Take your time. But I have question: will we see more of Nerus and his mate in the next update?


It's going to take around two or three more updates after this one to get back to them, I suspect. So no.


That's a pity... 


Take your time and good luck


take as much time as you want