Nerus 0.3 is out!

Long time no see! Nerus' 0.3 build is finally out. It includes several UI modifications,  several edits to the Prologue and Chapter 1,  the entirety of Day 2 for Chapter 1, and new art by an artist who wishes to stay anonymous. I also made it easier to find a certain secret.

There's a few things I'd like to mention:

-The expressions for the new sprites aren't ready yet, so they aren't in this build. A few of the characters featured in CH1 Day 2 are missing their sprites, too. I will do a minor release later once these are ready.

-It was brought to my attention that many people missed the glossary and chapter selection menus entirely. I added a message that appears the first time you finish the Prologue to inform players about these screens. If you haven't gotten familiar with them yet, I'd recommend to get started!

The next step will be the Android release. Nerus uses a fully custom UI, this means I will need to edit some screens so they don't break on Android, but hopefully it won't be too much trouble. I'll get back to you on this in a week or two.

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New art style is looking nice~


Previous Nerus sprite was so good and instead we got this muscled twink, I hope the sprite will be changed. And the other part of this update is good


Nerus good

I enjoy