Nerus 0.4, and a few other things

Well, it's been a long while. This took way too long for a build I expected to finish by October last year, but it's good it's finally out regardless.

What is new this time? As usual, a little more than 10k words of content, also some edits to early parts of Chapter 1 to fix some continuity issues, fix some scenes I wasn't happy with, and add some clues for the abbey mystery. If any of you are interested in trying to solve that before the reveal, I think now is a good moment.

So, 0.5... I don't think the amount of content I produced for this build is nearly enough to justify the long wait, but I'm also hopeful I'll go through fewer hiccups while making 0.5 so it'll be out considerably faster. I'm aiming for around three months from now on, so during the latter half of May. I do want to mention 0.5 will mark the ending for Chapter 1 and will reveal the mystery, so look forward to that. I'll also look into implementing a gallery to the game so my artist doesn't eviscerate me for cutting the legs from all the art he worked so hard to make.

Now, about hiccups... There isn't one big single reason this build took so long to come out, it was a combination of various minor things piling up. But to give the short version: this game would come out quicker if I tried to monetize it. I don't really like the Patreon production model, even if I could produce an entire update's worth of content in a month I know doing this would destroy what quality the writing has, so I won't resort to that. If I do ever open a Patreon for Nerus I would aim for two or three months between each update rather than making it monthly. Which isn't very common. Even leaving this aside, although it's not very popular what I want for Nerus is for everyone who reads it to be able to discuss it together once an update comes out. Splitting the readership between those who pledge to the game and those who don't would go against what I wanted to achieve with this game.

The point is: I don't want to use Patreon. If I ever do, I'll probably still not follow the usual production model I see other furry visual novels use. There is nothing wrong with it, but I know it doesn't suit me or what I want for the game. This might happen in the future, but for now, I'm trying out an alternative.  If you want to support the game consider dropping a donation on my Ko-fi every once in a while.

And talking about discussion: I'll be opening the forums for the game soon.

That is all for now. See you later.

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I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.

I definitely agree that the monthly patreon model is terrible for VNs. There are so many VNs out there that would benefit from the author having time to go back and edit it rather than constantly stressing to write enough to satisfy a 1 month quota.


You a real one ^^


Thank you, based NerusDEV.