Nerus 0.5, the complete Chapter 1, is out!

Well, that took way less time than I expected.  With this Chapter 1 is finished, so work on Chapter 2 can begin. I've been asked a couple of times whenever Nerus and Shax would return to the story, and that will be during this chapter. Earlier than you might be imagining, even.

In any case, about Chapter 2...  I've actually been having a hard time deciding how it will start, but I think I settled on a nice point so it should come along smoothly. I'll be laying down what happens and in what order these following days. Although I made clear plans for Chapter 1, often I ended up deviating from them and going in directions that made me feel unsure on how to follow up the last scene.  Chapter 2 won't be a murder mystery, so I'm hoping I'll have more room to breathe.

A lot of questions will be answered regarding both the Prologue and Chapter 1, although not all the mysteries will be answered as there are still more chapters planned. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this build and wait patiently for next one!

Files 186 MB
Apr 15, 2021
Nerus-0.5-linux.tar.bz2 171 MB
Apr 15, 2021 165 MB
Apr 15, 2021 183 MB
Apr 15, 2021

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Holy crap this stuff is like crack.

You should be required to have a medical license to distribute this kind of content sir. I love the interconnected pieces of these two stories. The herald of light comes about again.  Escaping families plans, the past repeats itself again.


Descendant - warper capacity ?

Shax is not a shapeshifter

Shax is a descendant ; Frank == Shax (in form) | Alessia == Nerus? (Angel confrontation in Alessia's dream)

What do the angels look like

All ascendants were lizard like in appearance

If all descendants are lizards, but not all  lizards are descendants, are all lizards descendants?


this game needs more love , i loved it  loveeed it

the twist in the end of the investigation , and all those hints  i just wanna see more, i feel sorry for not finding this gem sooner , it's amazing! 

I'm struggling to install the android version (i've downloaded it 3 times but the package always appears to be corrupt). Is his a problem others are getting or is something going wrong on my end?

I did some testing on my side and asked some people to try the game on Android but none of us had this problem. Could you tell me what cellphone or tablet model you're using?

Well my tablet's name (which I haven't changed) is Galaxy Tab S2, so I'm going to put a safe bet that that's what I'm using.

That information is kinda moot now, since while typing this I did find a (rather annoying, to be honest) solution. By completely uninstalling the previous version, it allows itself to install. It apparently just throws a hissy fit if I try and update from 0.4. It does mean I don't have my saves, but at least it installs.