0.6 progress update and Patreon announcement

Hello, it's been a while.

The writing for 0.6 is around 90% complete. I still need to look for backgrounds and do most of the coding, as well as finish up a new menu that will be featured as part of Chapter 2. I'm expecting the build to be ready, at the earliest, at the end of the month. I've been trying to work on the game daily, but I've been very busy with real-life stuff so it's hard for me to give a precise estimate.

Either way, I think you guys will find the start of Chapter 2 to be very interesting and I'm excited to get it out! This update shaped up to be a bit larger than I expected, it might end up being bigger than 0.5, but I expect subsequent updates for Chapter 2 to be shorter and have less downtime between them. You guys will see why.

Other than that: I'm opening a Patreon soon. A few days before 0.6 comes out, most likely. For now, I'm not planning to give early access to builds through there, but I think I could use it to upload WIP art assets. Those who follow my Twitter account might've noticed me posting the progress of a CG that will appear in a future version of the game. Something like that is what I have in mind. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments if you have any ideas.

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Will you commission homemade Shax soup? <3


If I become a patron will I be able to see Santiago without clothes?