Nerus 0.6 is out!

This update is the first part of Chapter 2: The Snakecrusher. Around 21k words of content. Our anonymous artist was very busy this time around, so there isn't any new art, but I think you will find the new content satisfying. I'm sure you will realize once you play this update, but Chapter 2 will be a beast to tackle.

The plan now is to release a few shorter updates for the sections leading up to what I call "the meat" of the chapter. That means a new update might come out sooner than expected, so please look forward to that.

I think Nerus is a story for curious people who love mysteries and getting to understand the inner workings of something that seems strange at first. But above all, Nerus is the kind of story that is best enjoyed when talking about it to friends or other people interested, because the most fun interpretations often come from exchanging ideas with others. After you read the update, if you guys came up with any interpretation or an interesting idea while reading it, I invite you to participate in the forum thread for 0.6 that'll be open shortly after this devlog is published.

I hope you enjoy the update and that it gets you riled up for what comes next in Chapter 2, I've been waiting for a long time to get to this part of the story. And, as usual, if you would like to support the game's development please consider donating to my Ko-fi or Patreon. Thank you very much, and see you later.

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Jun 11, 2021
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Jun 11, 2021

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Love it, i crave for more (っ'-')╮=͟͟͞͞💌


OMG added difficulty as some manner of gag? Interesting!  Everything now is making a lot more sense!  I have the missing pieces I was looking for now..., but exactly how events stand to play out remains to be seen.  Honestly I liked Shax better, looked cuter, but I suppose I just don't agree with the colors/patterns of the other.  Though I do suppose it sort of makes sense to have black since the other is white, just lends even more to opposites attract?  I have a feeling that you will get me to like it all better going forwards.


This is like the Umineko of furry vns.

When are we going to actually see more of Nerus and his smol mate?


Right now

Oh,  this  chapter is theirs?