Nerus 0.8 release date and Q&A

Hi. First of all, Nerus 0.8 is releasing 6th of November. It will include the next batch of scenes for Chapter 2. Future updates will be similar, each containing a batch until Chapter 2 is complete.

Also, the Q&A starts now. Ask me anything (related to the game) below. Next week I'll compile the questions and post them alongside the answers in the devlog for 0.8's release. I'll be doing similar posts for Patreon and Twitter if you guys don't have an account, so please check those if you need.

That's all for now. See you in a week.

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When you think back to the earliest incarnation of this story you can remember that reasonably resembles what we have now--be that an outline, a rough draft, loose collection of ideas, etc--has it changed much in terms of the overall structure, theme, or tone?
If so how much of this do you attribute to the medium (Visual Novels) you're working in?

How has your approach to writing or overall workflow developed as you've been working on Nerus?  

Of course they're all your precious creations and serve a purpose, but was there anyone in the supporting cast who didn't initially have a sprite that slowly became one of your favorites once there was a visual component to them?

  • Is Shax a good boy?
  • Are you a good boy?
  • Your favorite scene that you've written so far and why.
  • What gave you the idea to make a Visual Novel out of this story over the other forms of media (e-book, comics, etc.)?

How many years you think you need to end this story?

  • What got you interested in Gnostic Christianity as an influence?
  • Favorite character to write
  • Hardest scene so far to write?
  • What were your main sources of inspiration when planning the storyline of  Nerus? 
  • Were the later parts of Shax's and Neru's story planned from the very beginning of development or were they changed as the story unfolded?
  • Were there characters from other media whose personalities/experiences were used as an inspiration when creating the characters of this story?