Nerus 0.10 is out!

Hi! The update is a bit light on word count this time around, but I hope you have a good time reading it regardless. With this we're entering the final stretch of Chapter 2. Most of the remaining segments should be on the short side, except for the very last one. Still,a lot will be happening in them, although I'm not sure that's saying much considering how slow-paced the game has been up until now lol.

The Prologue expressions are in now. Other than that, there hasn't been any notable edits to the Prologue. Expect a CG or two for it in the near future.

As usual, if the Android version gives you any trouble, please try to do a fresh install before reporting it. I'll be opening a new thread on the forums shortly. And remember to check out the game's Patreon if you enjoyed it!

That'll be all for now. Until next time!

Edit: I released a small update to fix an issue with Chapter 2 that was reported in the forums. Sorry if it caused you any trouble!

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Mar 25, 2022
Nerus-0.10-linux.tar.bz2 211 MB
Mar 25, 2022 205 MB
Mar 25, 2022 222 MB
Mar 25, 2022

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Short update this time but it was wholesome to me. Also I am completely lost when it comes to Pyr. 🤔🤔🤔