Resuming work on Nerus + News on a new project

Hi! That break took longer than I expected, but it was for a good reason: I started and completed a different project in these two months, a short novel titled Harvest Lab.

This is a love story based on Minotaur Hotel, about a hydra who can't leave the hotel falling in love with a guest from the outside. It's a very compact story, so if you wanna know more you'll have to read it! Here's a piece I commissioned from Eddio, the developer of Killigan's Treasure, of the protagonist: Juan, the black hydra.

To be extra clear: this will be a novel, not a visual novel. It will be releasing next Friday, in June 22nd

Writing Harvest Lab has been very refreshing and helped make my creative juices flow again. So now I'll get back to working on Nerus. I'm hoping to write a second half for Chapter 2 that'll make you wail (of fun). See you again soon!

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I love doctor Juan the hydra ❤


Oh, think you meant July there instead of June lol.

Can't wait to read it tho!


I triple-checked I wrote the right date and I still messed it up lmao

I'm gonna leave it like that as a badge of shame.

Fuck it...






Nice! Can’t wait to read it! Good luck on returning to Nerus 👍